You may be wondering why you should purchase your next car from a Georgia car auction instead of a car dealership in the area. We believe the answer is easy. You could save money on your next car purchase by choosing one of the many auction cars in the Carolinas area. Car auctions offer a fast and efficient way to purchase used auction cars.

For those of you who haven’t been to a Carolinas car auction and aren’t sure about what to expect, a car auction typically runs like any other auction you might attend in Georgia (visit our About Auctions for a deeper explanation). The car auction has an auctioneer, sellers, bidders, and auction cars for sale. You can also expect a fun, competitive atmosphere at any auto auction!

Find the make and model of car you want to bid for at a Georgia auto auction. Most NC car auction sites hold weekly auctions that boast a new selection of vehicles each week, so you should be able to find what you’re looking for at a vehicle auction. After deciding on what you’d like to purchase, consider these tips before raising your bid paddle at a car auction:

1) Consult the car auction site catalog to decide which cars for auction interest you. Try to determine your maximum bid before entering the car auction houses. You can look at the blue book value for a car to prepare for bidding at the car auction. Remember researching prior to the day of the car auto auction will help give you an advantage!

2) Every car auction site has different terms and conditions regarding the payment method, bidding etiquette, and other important matters. Familiarize yourself with the regulations. Make sure you know whether the SC car auction site charges a buyer’s premium or if you can use personal checks or credit cards to purchase your auction car.

3) Vehicle History Reports can help you make a decision about the auction car you’re considering. To ensure you don’t leave a GA car auction driving a car with unseen problems, try to get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the seller and run a thorough Vehicle History Report. If anything seems suspicious, continue your search. Get to the car auction site early. Inspect all of the auction cars that interest you. Check the car for damaged rims, a rebuilt title, uneven tire wear (a sign of bad alignment), and anything else that does not look right to you. If you knowledgeable about cars, bring a friend who is.

4) Decide prior to the car auction to stick within your budget. You can still enjoy the competition that a Carolina car auction provides without paying more than you had intended. Stay out of car bidding wars and you will surely enjoy the Georgia auction car that you purchase.

5) Something to be aware of about car auction houses in the Carolinas area is their “light system.” The light system uses the colors red, yellow and green. They indicate how much information the seller has disclosed about the auction car. The lights do not indicate anything about the car’s condition. Don’t assume a green light signifies that the car has no problems.

Read this guide to decipher the car auction lights meaning in Georgia:

  • Green: Buying a green-light auto auction car is your safest bet. If you buy a green-light car, then you can generally feel confident about your purchase. A green light means the car has been inspected and that major repairs have been reported by the seller. Green-light cars for auction are the best type to buy if you don’t want to take a gamble.
  • Yellow: This light is the trickiest, whether you’re attending a car auction in Georgia, New York, or small-town America. It means that the seller disclosed some information about the auction car, such as mechanical defects or a salvaged title. However, not every detail has been divulged about yellow light cars for auction. Therefore, the purchase could be good or bad.
  • Red: Unless you are an experienced car mechanic or are a highly experienced car auction participant, you may want to steer clear of a red-light auction car. Purchasing an auction car that has a red light means that you will buy the auction car as is. This means there are no arguments or negotiations in the process. If you purchase an auction car on a red-light status, you simply cannot have buyer’s remorse. The car is yours after you win the bid, whether you regret your decision or not.