If you are looking for a quality dealer auction or other auto auctions in the Georgia or Carolina area, Georgia – Carolina Auto Auction’s wholesale car auction is the place to go. Our wholesale auction in Georgia serves as a venue for dealers to sell and purchase vehicles.

Dealers bring cars to our North Carolina wholesale auction because of excess inventory, trade-in placement, and slow-selling cars.

Excess Inventory: Our GA vehicle auction will auction off your surplus of a particular make and model of vehicle to help reduce inventory count.

Trade-in Placement: Oftentimes dealers accept trade-in cars from a customers. If the brand or model of a trade-in car isn’t something a dealer would normally sell on at an SC or NC dealer auction, our dealer auction will sell it to another dealer who does need it for his inventory.

Slow-Selling Cars: Need to free up space on your car lots for cars that are selling faster or more popular? Bring the extra cars to our car dealer auction in Georgia to make room for more popular cars.

Dealers and several other institutions and businesses are able to sell vehicles at wholesale car auctions. These businesses include financial institutions, banks, state government, federal government, lenders, repo companies, rental car agencies, municipal and local government and big business fleet cars. Many of the automobiles sent to Carolina’s wholesale auction are repossessed cars, are off-lease vehicles, or are no longer in use as fleet vehicles.


Some dealer auctions specialize in used, foreign, domestic, collectibles, and other particular types of cars. Our GA car dealer auctions are a great place for dealers to find their type of cars at the right prices. In addition to purchasing vehicles at market price, dealers can simultaneously sell their own inventory at the auction. Wholesale auctions are an ideal place for dealers to sell and purchase vehicles in Carolina!