Many cities, counties, municipalities and state agencies are responsible for purchasing fleet vehicles for a variety of government agency needs. However, these fleet vehicles are generally only used for a few years before government departments buy new ones to replace the old fleet. These vehicles are often sold at a live government auction. Because of this process, many Georgia government auctions sell fleet vehicles that are recent makes and models with reasonable mileage and an excellent maintenance record. Keep in mind that public government auto auctions have vehicles for sale that are not military vehicles or repossessed cars.

Before attending an auction that is offering government vehicles for sale, make sure to read through these helpful tips:

• Locate a government auto auction site in GA and register at that auction house in advance. It is important to familiarize yourself with the vehicle auction terms and conditions and obtain your bidder number.

• Before the auction begins, scan through the government car auction catalog or run list and pinpoint the vehicles in which you are most interested. The government auction catalog lists cars in the order in which they will be sold and includes each vehicle’s make, model, VIN, mileage, special features and installed equipment. This auctions gov catalog, produced by the Georgia auction house, is normally available the day of the sale or on its website in an electronic format.

• Inspect the vehicle(s) prior to the actual government auction sale. Some government auction sites allow you to come for an Inspection Day or (at the least) an hour or so before the sale begins so that you can visually inspect the vehicles. Take advantage of these opportunities to guarantee you take bid on used car that match your needs from these Georgia public government auctions.

• Compute a target price. Use pricing tools like NADA (National Auto Dealer’s Association), Kelley Blue Book, Black Book or Edmunds that will help you determine the real approximate used car value of the car you want to bid on.

• Familiarize yourself with any relevant terms and conditions of the government auction before you purchase an auction car. Remember that bidding is a commitment; the highest bidder actually enters into a legal contract with the seller – in this case, the government.

• Make sure you stick to your budget while bidding! Don’t get too caught up in the excitement of a Georgia government car auction and bid more than you planned. Know your walk-away price!

If you are looking for a good government auction deal and are interested in purchasing a used government vehicle, then take the above advice to heart, look up local government auctions in Georgia and have fun!